NZ Fishing News February 2021

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We’ve had a hot run of gamefish and inshore species over the past months - in our February issue, we look at some of the highs and lows of the season, as well as some great advice for upping your fishing game…

🎣 John dory are a stellar tablefish - Alistair Arkell shares his advice for targeting them
🎣 We talk to Wyatt Johnston - the Whakatane teen who caught a pending record black, with one arm in a sling!
🎣 Adam Royter shares the best (and worst!) ways to rig your softbaits
🎣 Summer in the canals – Peter Langlands shares his best tips
🎣 Darren Shields talks snapper snooping and berleying
🎣 Tony Orton interprets sounder images, and how he’d change his tactics as a result
🎣 Do we need to put a bag limit on our kingfish? Nick Jones shares his two cents
🎣 Start at the bottom and fish your way up - Sam Mossman fishes from baitfish up the food chain

We review:
✅ Surtees 650 Game Fisher Hardtop
✅ Toyota Hilux SR5 Cruiser
✅ Beaut Utes B.U.T tray lid

Plus all the usual news and how-tos...