NZ Fishing News March 2020

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In the March edition of NZ Fishing News magazine:

  • Nick Jones shares some tips for making the most of the tail end of summer
  • Mark Kitteridge follows up part one of his interview with Rick Pollock with a second
  • Bryce Helms shares the story of catching three world records in one day
  • Ethan Neville fishes the top of the south and shares a tip or two
  • Alistair Arkell interviews Capt. Mark Hoare who is arguably the best black marlin fisherman in NZ
  • Jordy Bardin pays tribute to the much-loved kahawai

We explore:

  • Rarotonga and it's landbased fishing
  • The waterways of the Gold Coast
  • spearfishing in Niue
  • crystal-bluewater exploration in Aitutaki

Plus, we review:

  • Reel Silk drag washer upgrades
  • ITM Fishing's new Stabicraft 2750
  • Catch Beady Eye kaburas
  • TRYCD fly rod
  • TrueKit Discovery inflatable boat