Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots by Bruce Duncan

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New Zealand fishing legend Bruce Duncan lets you in on all his secrets in his new book Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots.
In his latest book, Duncan breaks the inner Hauraki down into areas, with multiple 'spots' in each. Details on each spot include the underwater terrain, likely species, plus the best methods, tides and times to fish the location.

Editor of NZ Fishing News, Grant Dixon, reviewed the book...
"There would be few anglers who know the Hauraki Gulf as well as Bruce Duncan – aka 'Captain Swish'. Bruce grew up with the Gulf at his doorstep, where, as a youngster, sailing, as opposed to fishing, was his main priority.
Having said that, he still remembers his first snapper, at the age of five, fishing with his family in a small plywood dinghy. Now he fishes in a little more comfort aboard his beloved Reflections Sportfisher Miss B Haven, which he keeps at Auckland’s OBC marina.
Bruce is the writer behind hundreds of articles, published various marine magazines and the author of the extremely informative and subsequently re-printed Fishing the Hauraki Gulf, published in conjunction with boating journalist Mike Rose. In a follow up to his first, very successful book, Bruce has just released Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots.
To be more accurate, the book should have been named ‘Inner’ Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots as Bruce offers information on fishing spots that are relatively close at hand to popular Auckland launching spots. He ventures no further than Waiheke, Pakatoa and Ponui  Islands in the east, the Noises and Ahahaas in the north, to Kauri Point in the upper Waitemata Harbour to the west.
It contains 150 proven spots including information on tides, weather, rigs, and how to fish each location. A brand ambassador for Furuno marine electronics, the book contains numerous screenshots taken from both the sounder and chartplotter functions of his TZ Touch. There is no rock left unturned!
Bruce has shared exact GPS locations for each spot as well as details on best tides, times, baits and techniques. There is a general overview of snapper fishing and the species' habits, as well as filleting and care of the catch tips – all included in a comprehensive introductory chapter.
Whether you are an inner Hauraki Gulf newbie looking for somewhere to start or have been fishing it all your life, there is something in Hauraki Gulf Fishing Hot Spots for you."
– Grant Dixon