NZ Fishing News January 2020

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In the January 2020 edition of NZ Fishing News:

  • Nick Jones takes on Hauraki Gulf kingfish on topwater gear
  • Jack Lusk shares his tips on targeting snapper from the shore
  • Ethan Neville compares braid and mono and poses the question "is there still a place for nylon line in today's fishing world?"
  • The Strictly Landbased team share 20 tips for landbased fishing
  • Rob Fort lives shares the best techniques and areas for fishing the western side of the Coromandel Peninsula
  • Charter skipper Tony Orton explains how he rigs his topwater gear for ultimate performance
  • Greg Morton looks at techniques for and advantages of casting your flies and spinners further

We review boats:

  • KiwiKraft 740HTE
  • Stryda 600C
  • Ultimate Boats 16CC
  • Blackdog Cat 500CC

and a range of product including:

  • Ford Endura ST
  • Black Magic harness
  • Tai Kabura jig rod
  • Shimano Vanquish spin reel
  • Williamswarn brew kit
  • Black duck seat covers.