NZ Fishing News May 2020

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In the May edition of NZ Fishing News magazine:

  • Sam Mossman pays homage to the humble (but tasty) blue cod
  • Nick Jones shares a trip to the Three Kings
  • Tony Orton talks multicoloured braid and how it helps your fishing
  • Nik Hannam of Rod & Reel Newmarket talks salt fly fishing and shares a few of his favourite spots in the Waitemata
  • Ethan Neville explores 'horizontal jigging'
  • Jordy Bardin examines some tropical visitors that have taken a liking to NZ waters
  • Darren Shields shares his annual freediving and spearfishing trip to Fiordland (where our cover star caught his blue cod)
  • John Eichelsheim shares how he fishes solo
  • Mark Kitteridge continues his interview with NZ charter legend Rick Pollock
  • review of the Daiwa Kix softbait combo

plus all the usual news, reviews and how-tos.