WilliamsWarn BrewKeg10 Starter Pack

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Brew and dispense 10L of world class beer or cider directly from your BrewKeg10™ in 4-7 days.

For those who will ferment in a room with an ambient temperature 18-28°c for fermentation and a fridge for cooling/clarification their own fridge for cooling this is the starter pack for you!


  • a BrewKeg10™
  • BrewKeg10™ Sundry Accessory pack
  • 50ml Dosing device
  • BrewKeg10™ Pressure Gauge
  • beer dispense line with plastic tap
  • gas dispense line
  • Micromatic regulator and soda stream* adapter (soda stream bottle sold separately).

Be sure to add some beer or hops to your cart to help get you started.

Keg dimensions:

  • Height: 587mm
  • Diameter: 235mm
  • Weight: 6.7kg

* A 60L Soda Stream will last 4-5 BrewKeg10™ brews when dispensing directly from the BrewKeg10™. For those who have multiple BrewKeg10s™ and/or dispensing kegs a 4.5kg Co2 cylinder may be more appropriate.